The Florida Fortress

The decision has been made, we are staying here in Astor for awhile!

It’s always fun to create a camp home. It’s a whole new experience to do it in the middle of an RV park.  As I am stepping off distance for the ground cloth under the tent, the same man directly across the road from me, is sitting at his picnic table, chain smoking, facing my campsite, watching every move I make. An occasional senior on a golf cart putts by, watching with concerned curiosity, usually with their little dog riding shotgun,.  My 3 are anxiously waiting in the back of the truck to see what home is going to look like.  It’s a little windy, but I’ve dealt with worse.  But the intense starring, now that’s a little awkward.

I set up the 3 room tent directly butt up against the open side of the 10×10 canopy.  So,  all 3 sides on the canopy have tarped walls with the entry “door” at one corner, and then the main house.  The good news is, I’ve completely blocked the man across the way’s view, without using my vehicle.

I re-set up the dog fence around to one side where the tarps weren’t meeting well at the corner.  We now have a secure dog space.  I set up the cook table, and run cords to the power box.  We have electric for the kitchen.  Then I pull out the cot, the tub of bedding, and a lawn chair.  It’s time to nest in the tent.

While I’m in the tent, I start wondering what would happen if it rained…and evaluate my set up.  While the whole canopy idea is new one for me, it sure seems to be a smart idea so far.  If it were to rain, the water will stay off of the whole camp kitchen.  If it rains, everything in the tent is safe.  But what about that slight gap between the canopy and the tent?  Hmmmmm.  I was out of tarps.  Ya know what would work?  Yes, a shower curtain!  I just need a cheap, clear shower curtain or two to run across that side and over the front edge of the tent, to serve as a breezeway and keep water from the tent entry.

Shower curtains are added to the Walmart shopping list.

I finish arranging the tent and making the bed (cot) with my cozy polar fleece blankets.  I lay dog blankets in several spots to give the kids some options.  The tub is turned upside down to become a table.  I run a power cord in there for my computer and a light.  Home sweet home. 

Our Florida fortress is complete.  Tonight I will cook with electric and scratch myself to sleep on a comfortable camp cot.  I do a quick change into swimwear and head to the pool.  Maybe the chlorine water will help with bringing down some of the welts forming all over my arms and legs…..

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