Santa and The Wine Guys

City Market is a downright happening place!  A hotspot of shopping, eating and drinking, complete with carriage rides and outdoor bars and music and, well there’s Santa.  And another one.  And another, and another and three more and, well, hundreds of Santa Clauses—what?  Yes, the meeting of the Santa minds took place in Savannah GA today for a pub crawl to end all holiday pub crawls…and raise some money for a charity.  Truly!  It’s an organized worldwide event called SantaCon.  

Here’s their story…

The inspiration for SantaCon came from a San Francisco adventure club called the Suicide Club.  The club founder was inspired to start up SantaCon after learning about some Danish folks who, dressed like Santa, mobbed a Department Store in Copenhagen just before Christmas.  All SantaCon’s worldwide are strictly fun prank based events and not criminal or political at all, although  they do try to find a local Charity to raise money for.  The first SantaCon was sponsored by the San Francisco Cacophony Society in San Francisco in 1994.  If you think you’ve got it in you to be a party Santa, check out their website,  and locate an event near you—or far away!

Santa in Savannah is great entertainment indeed!  As I meandered down City Market weaving in and out of the red suited men and women, I stumbled upon my favorite signage—Winery.  I stepped through the doors of Meinhardt Vineyards, and entered the realm of oak barrels and Muscadine wine.  There stood father and son, Ken and Ken, a couple of pistol packin’ grape stompin’ Georgians. Hell, that’s my kinda guys!   I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the owners of Meinhardt Vineyards, located in Statesboro Georgia, and we immediately struck a chord. Of course their first comment was “What?  You are traveling alone???”  (Well, no, I do have my three dogs with).  We talked for a good half hour or more about hunting, our guns and places to shoot.  Ken Junior was gracious enough to give me several recommendations for good places to bring my dog for some bird hunting, which I really want to try to find time to do.  We compared experiences, talked about the increased concerns about gun control, self-defense, and common sense ownership and stewardship regarding firearms.  I was planning a trip to their vineyards for a formal wine tour, but was excited to be able to see some of their product right here in Beautiful Historic Savannah, too.  Ken Senior talked about the southern grapes, Muscadine, and the process they use for their wine. He gave me some tips for my own grape vines back home. What a wealth of information, and downright nice people. Simply couldn’t leave without some Wild Mayhaw Jelly and Muscadine Preserves, and my list of Gun Clubs to call. Then it was back through the sea of Santas to my truck.

Ho ho ho, you just never know, what you’ll find when you get out and go!

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