How To Freeze Strawberries


I’m  always so excited when strawberry season arrives!  But what do you do when it’s strawberry fields forever?  And EVER?   And there seems to be no end to them?  Why not freeze some? It’s super easy. Here’s how!

1—–First, make sure you harvest super fresh, undamaged berries.

2—–Wash the strawberries in a clean, sterilized sink full of cold water.

3—–Slice off their green leaf tops and place the berries in a bowl.

4—–Dunk them into the water again for a rinse (remove any lingering leaf stuff).

5—–Slice the berries into halves and place them into a large clean and sterilized bowl.

6—–Sprinkle lightly with sugar and mix the strawberries around in the bowl.

7—–Taste, and continue sprinkling with sugar until the berries taste sweet enough for you.

Note: as you do this, some juice will develop in the bottom of the bowl. This is normal.

8—–Scoop the berries into 1 quart freezer bags, leaving about 1 inch space at the top for expansion. 

9—–Suck all of the air out of the bag and quickly seal.

10—-Date your bags of berries.  They will keep well frozen for up to a year.

Yum, Yum,  YUM! Yum, Yum, YUM!  Yum, YUM! 

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