Countdown To A Sub-Zero Escape Part 4

Countdown To A Sub-Zero Escape Part 4

Crossing the Florida border is like entering a new galaxy.  The truck runs better, the Toy Hauler pulls easier, the dogs are calmer, and I am so excited I can’t stand it!  Our journey across the panhandle is far from scenic; simply freeway and lots of speeding drivers.   Hello Florida Speed Demons!  Good grief, I need a sign to paste across the back of the Toy Hauler that says ‘Heavy Load, Moving Slow, Turning Wide’.  Seriously.  I will drive to the very last rest stop before hitting I75 south bound.

It’s 11:30pm and the traffic is insane.  I pass a traffic sign that says “Heavy traffic ahead, find alternate routes”.  Taking a break until most drivers are off the road is a great idea.  I have no problem napping until 3am.  I see massive flashing lights closing the gap behind me as I pull off I10, heading up the rest stop ramp.  As I pull into a parking spot, I watch10 speeding squad cars, followed by half a dozen police motorcycles, then a string of 8 beautiful, streamline, metallic gold coach buses with gold running lights on the sides, flying down the highway, with another cluster of squads and cycles bringing up the rear.  They are in one helluva hurry to something!  I grab the dogs, jump in the back, and am out cold in a matter of minutes.

My alarm goes off at 3am on schedule.  No.  Really?  Ugh.  Snooze…. Snooze……Snooze……. Snooze….4am…Snooze….4:30….Snooze…..5am….ohkay, ohkay…okay…… and then we’re back on the road.

Thank the Gods we are heading straight south, or it would be a real challenge to deal with the sunrise.

There are virtually no cars on the highway.  Sunday—the day of rest!  A couple more stops, a couple more hours, a little bit of construction, and soon, I see familiar territory from last year.  My heart races as I pass familiar exits.  I am filled with anticipation as I get closer to Sarasota. We are almost there.  Almost to paradise.

Oh I just know this place will be amazing!

My exit is coming up shortly.

We take the exit.  It is away from the gulf, the beaches, the action.  We are being directed into the bush.  The rural.  The farmland.  The “old” Florida landscape of jungle and ranch land.  There are canopies of old trees loaded with Spanish moss across the narrow roads void of shoulders or maintenance.  Ranches, and horses and cattle stretch across the land as far as the human eye can see. escape41 And within 25 minutes of leaving the interstate, we are here.

I pull over on the side of the road just short of the driveway and take a deep breath.

Subzero Escape to Paradise is achieved!



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