Christmas On The Beach

Santa Claus does get pretty much everywhere, even to the remote camping areas along the St. John River.  Seems he brought me a portable hoop for hoop dancing!  That, and a much coveted car seat warmer to keep my butt cozy on the cold ride home.  Thank you Lynn and David for looking out for me!  And my furry kids are still ripping into their mound of toys and chews.  Christmas in Florida.  Christmas without snow.  Quite the experience!

But even though it’s 55 degrees and sunny this morning, we are all merry and celebrating our holiday, opening gifts.  In a little bit I will pack things up to spend the day at the dog friendly beach.

And then I find the note.  Without going into detail,

“Someone” has taken it upon themselves to speak as “we” in a note stating that they will have me removed from the park if I don’t get my dogs under control immediately.

I am dumbfounded. I am stupefied.  I have no understanding of why this note was taped to my tarp.  Was it a mistake?  Was it meant for the people down a few sites with the barking dog?  Was this person serious?  Who wrote this?  I think back to a time when I may have not had my dogs under control.  There isn’t a time.  In fact, we are gone all day every day, and when we are back, we are all together, up only a short time before going to bed for the night.  There is no time my dogs are out of control.

Why would someone do this?

It really doesn’t matter.  It’s Christmas Day.  How absolutely rude and uncalled for!  The “mystery person” had 8 days to approach me with any concern and work it out.  But wait until Christmas Day and then leave a threatening anonymous note?  How absolutely rude and uncalled for, especially when there is no basis to the claim.

I am now feeling quite uncomfortable.  This is one of those times where I’m hearing my instincts loud and clear. I am thinking it’s time to get out of here.  What kind of place is this?  Our time is up tomorrow unless we renew.  I’m not going to renew. We will have our day at the beach today, but then we are packing up and pulling out tomorrow.

So I gather up my bad Santa hat, the dog toys and treats, beach blankets, sandwiches, strawberries, snacks and water, and we head out to spend our holiday on the beach.

And what a lovely day it is at Flagler beach, with a high about 70 degrees, a light breeze, and not too many people around.  We walk up and down the shoreline, lay around looking at the clouds rolling by, eat a little, fetch a little, forget about the rest of the world a little.  Christmas in Florida.  Christmas without snow. Quite the experience!  Merry Christmas!

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